Vivek Vihar Resident Association was registered in 1974. VVRA elect members from the general body to form a management committee. This committee looks into all the matters concerning the rights and duties of members.
Present VVRA Management executive were elected in 2016.
VVRA Membership is voluntary, and the leadership is elected by fee-paying members. Members who do not pay the voluntary subsrcription fee may not vote in the general body and other meetings of the association.
VVRA represents the interests of Vivek Vihar. Government programs aimed at involving RWAs in strategic governance decisions, such as Delhi's Bhagidari Scheme, RWAs have become increasingly involved in municipal policies and decision-making and continue to grow in importance.
VVRA Management body manage day-to-day issues faced by residents, conduct events or awareness programmes, maintain the facilities of Vivek Vihar and protect the rights of Vivek Vihar owners.

VVRA guard the interests of residents, the most common factors include safeguarding residents' safety, dignity and respect.VVRA ensure residents exercise their individual rights that do not infringe upon the rights or safety of others and are free from neglect, financial exploitation, or any kind of abuse.
VVRA can issue a notice to the builders first if any complaints received. If the developer fails to respond to the notice, the association can lodge a police complaint. A builders can be also sued for cheating, breach of contract, not responding to the grievance and delivery of poor quality construction.